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Out comes a collection of beautiful events…”  5* Star Readers’ Favorite

5* Star Book ReviewI Do…25 Years Later by Susan Braxton is the story of a couple celebrating the silver jubilee of their marriage, the protagonists living it up in an unorthodox way.  They randomly choose a happening from the past and break it down with each one of the couple taking turns, to the amusement of all.  Out comes a collection of beautiful events of their life together, each letting out a stream of colorful memories.  Among them are accounts pertaining to ups and downs of their family life and progress of kids, life’s pageants and milestones of their career, awkward moments and fabulous recollections, stories of vacations, and a good assortment of their dreams and desires.  As the event moves ahead, they end up realizing that there are more and more happy memories left to share.  Reviewed by Roy T. James for Readers’ Favorite.

“Just Do It”

“What a joyous, refreshing look at a couple who got it right.No philology 101 here about how to keep a marriage strong, just two people who decided to ‘Just Do It’.”    J. Riddle, Sr. Pastor and Retired Air Force Veteran


“…A beautiful story and most worth-while undertaking! It is spirit-filled and so heart-touching.”   Dr. J.C. Profit, Living Legend Recipient, National Urban League

“Educational for young couples.”

“Humorous, enjoyable quick read!  Educational for young couples”  S. B., Retired Para-professional Educator


“I feel special – its beautiful! Congrats to you, that cover photo is off the chain…” Q.C., California Realtor

“Inspiring, knowledgeable, humorous and useful information”

“You are a jewel, sharing your 25 years with the world who will appreciate it!!! Such inspiring, knowledgeable, humorous and useful information to help those who are willing to apply those helpful hints:  how the family does things together, the travel, the history, special moments and all the wonderful adventures!”  Author’s Mom


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